First, and most importantly, holidays with the motorhome gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want, anytime and with everyone.

You can offer your family unforgettable moments. Children will run free and have an opportunity to learn more of the secrets of nature. Away from everyday stress and modern world, your family will be different, much happier, peaceful, energetic and united. Children love these holidays will surely forget about tablets and phones!

You can visit unique places in nature, away from civilization, where the infrastructure of accommodation is not developed. Imagine what it’s like to wake up with all the mountains in front of you, with sound of the river next to you, humming birds or opening the window to  catch the sunrise over the sea, hearing the soft crashing of waves …

There is no better way to travel so close to nature with almost the same comfort as home. Joy2Wander motorhome with its by high-technology recreates in miniature your home with living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

The happiest member of your family will be the dog. It’s the only way you can take with you everywhere and you will not be forced to leave the hostels, friends, relatives, where you never know what will happen to him.

You can easily combine visits to unique places with your favorite sports and activities. You have more than enough space for: bicycles, kite, surfboard, snowboard, kayak, rafting boat, tent, etc.

The cost of such holidays is more advantageous, since it can travel up to 6 people, you can cook yourself, you can visit a lot of places and you do not have to follow the cheapest flights.

It is better to have an idea of ​​the area where you want to go, although best holidays are those without any plan. With Joy2Wander motorhome if you are courageous, you can even leave without any plan. This enables you to connect to the Internet constantly, so your plan can be configured depending on where you are and what you want to go next.

However our tips are:

To get informed about the locations / areas where you’re going, distances there and the facilities it offers;

To call ahead the camping sites to confirm availability;

Check legislation in countries / areas concerned: where you are allowed to camp, where you are allowed to discharge wastes, what road taxes have to pay, where / how load gas cylinders;

How is the weather in that period;

If you have no idea of ​​the journey, we can help. Of course on our site are some general guidelines, and some tracks already configured, however if you still do not find yourself, we can discuss together to configure a route.

The cost of renting a motorhome includes the use of it by a maximum of 6 persons and their pet for the contractual period, insurance for theft and accidents, cleaning it after use and of course the use of all the objects necessary for a carefree holiday and to just come with extra clothes and toothbrush.

In addition, depending on the route you choose, you must make an estimate of the following costs: diesel consumption, camping costs, tolls, shopping for food, fees for sightseeing and costs reload gas cylinders and tanks with water.

The good news is that you can drive with a driving license B!

Motorhome size is completely different from that of a normal car: length 7.12 m; width: 2.31 m; height: 3.2 m;

For the safety of passengers, motorhome and property you must:

Make sure before starting and during driving, that all passengers are seated, the cabinets, windows and doors are closed and that all goods are set / stored so as not to fall / break and move;

Adjust speed to road conditions, traffic and motorhome size;

Avoid roads with great unevenness; narrow roads; roads with unsolid ground (eg, sand, mud, etc.)

Take turns slowly and the general approach to avoid snap motorhome corners of the objects (eg: other cars, petrol pump, trees, traffic signs, etc.)

Park the camper in places that offer optimal space for maneuvers involved;

Make sure you pull the handbrake every parking / stopping / camping;

You need to drive carefully and take your time to get accustomed to the motorhome.


Take your time in traffic and when performing maneuvers parking / camping!

Do not engage in overtaking unless you have enough space and time for these maneuvers!

It is possible in designated areas (camping sites) for payment or free of charge undeveloped areas (off camping) only after verifying legislation in that area.

Before camping, park in a safe area, check first the area you want to camp and only then perform the maneuvers, preferably assisted by another person.

If the terrain is even you can balance the motorhome with the two special equipment provided by us.

For stopping in camping sites please note the following:

offer is diverse, each campsite providing certain services (eg access to power / water showers / toilets, playgrounds, etc.)

you may need prior reservation for some campings

Before camp we advise you to make sure that:

camping site you have chosen provides all utilities: water, electricity, toilets, place or discharge;

for off camping make sure you have enough water, waste tanks are empty gas cylinders are filled, the power supply is functional … and you all purchases made;

It depends on you how long you can stay off camping. Campers offer a range of up to 3-4 days, but that depends on how much you adjust your lifestyle to an economic and efficient one. Saving water, electricity and gas must become a way of life, and will be your challenge to adapt now for an ecofriendly future.

Only by reducing the consumption of water, electricity and gas you will also help for a few days in saving the environment;

We will provide all conditions to be able to store garbage until the next gathering place;

We will provide bio detergents;

You will have available all the necessary utensils to clean the place after camping.

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